Little girls’ fun

     One early morning in isolated island named Koh Tao where i call home. Me and my mate hiking to the a secret abandon resort to discover something new for our morning walking trail. Around 8 am. the sun is shining and sea breeze nicely touch your skin. We’re walking trough small walk path leading us down steep hill. Something very delightful happening here, I start to talk about how i use to played when i was a little girl…



     …1980’s  in a small village outskirts of Bangkok most of girls I know use leafs, flowers or seeds to played cooking food instead of real food and their friends were their customers and get paid by leafs instead of real money. I used to like to played cooking and selling my food too just like the other girls at the same street but I love to played cooking with real food.,


I recall played selling noodle soup with real noodles from the pack of instant noodle soak it in water to make it most real and use a proper bowls and Kitchen wear from our kitchen. My customers was my nanny, housemaids and my mom.,and I get paid by coins. That was one my favorite moment. It felt so real! The food, Money and Customers. And the best part was customers (pretending) always walked pass the store front and asked which dish I’m selling today? Just like they are carving for my food and that made me so happy!!
     30 years passed look at my career., unbelievable I’m running food and beverage business. How awesome is this?! My childhood’s fun and my present career is connected! That’s also the answer why I have never get tired of working, it’s more like meditation and playing for me I always answered people this when they asking me about my job. I passionate in every inch of my work it’s never feel like working, from scratch I build up this business.  It’s always fun creating  new recipe, managing system and time, seeing it grows, seeing customers enjoying your product. I’m just having fun with it like the little girl I use be.,only this time it’s more real!
Maybe this is why i never feel empty working on something i love.
At the age of 20’s with a degree of Hotel management I jumped into the hospitality jobs immediately. But I felt empty, it wasn’t me! Tries to work in several five stars hotels and I quite entirely. At that moment I only have one answer to myself ” I can do it better than this, this is not for me. I believe you have a potential to do something bigger than this! “
i did stayed put for 6 months trying to find myself, what do I want to do?, who I want to be?
The questions that many of us wants to know after graduation. And some of us give up on these questions and forget about it entirely.
Actually it took me years to found out.
Do you remember yours?

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